Boosting your Health with Pets

A good pet owner will tell you all about how much they love their pets. Some studies have even revealed people would rather spend time with their pets than their loved ones!  But did you know that you can actually improve your health by owning pets?

Relieving Stress:

In the last couple decades, universities have been studying the effects of stress relief when humans interact with pets. There is a reason why college campuses have dog and cat days during finals week. It turns out spending time with a pet has significant effects on reducing stress. More so than spending time with a loved one in some cases.

Heart Healthy:

Researchers focused on measuring a person’s blood pressure and heart rate while being with their pets. They found those performing stressful tasks with their pets measured better heart rates, lower blood pressure, and performed the task with fewer mistakes. In some cases, interaction with a pet had a greater effect on heart health than prescription blood pressure medication. Simply petting your dog was enough to see improved blood pressure.

Social Anxiety:

Having a support group of friends is important to improving anxiety. Pets however, offer many of the same benefits with much less risk of interpersonal stress. Benefits ranged from reducing loneliness, feeling isolated, and greater desire to participate in social interaction. This is was most commonly seen in those walking their dog. Doing so often lead to more interaction with strangers, and gave the owner more opportunities to bond socially with others.


This one is dependent on time and age, but studies between improved immunity to allergies and pets has found some connections. Research showed that people with dogs had a specific kind of bacteria in their gut that protected them from allergies. Although, the effects where most prominent in those who had pets at a very early age.

The Health of Your Pet

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