Top 7 Amazing Dog Walking Tips

Hello you, new pooch parent! You with that cute pup who cannot stop pulling.

Are you a dog walker, looking for some tips to keep your Maxie on the track?

Or maybe you are already an expert. But still, want to make your outings more fun and enjoyable both for you and your pup.

Well, keep reading our insider dog walking tips to make your dog eager for a walk as soon as you hold the leash.

1. Avoid Using Retractable Collar for a Dog Walk

When it is about using the right collar for a dog walk, we recommended avoiding retractable leashes. These leashes can be a reason for many unwanted hazards.

The length of a retractable leash makes it hard for you to manage control on your dog, particularly in crowded areas. With an uneasy leash to reel in, your dog can easily run away into the street.

Retractable leashes are also acknowledged for causing harm to dogs and humans as well.

When a dog moves and you grab onto the leash itself for the support, it can cause serious injury/burns.

Similarly, a sudden jerk can make a dog walker fall over and result in severe injury to your puppy.

If your dog always pulls while walking in a freer environment, why would he stop?

2. Lead the Dog Walking

So, try to stick to the standard leash when walking with your dog in rushed places.

Does your dog show patience while you take off your shoes or remove his leash?

Probably no!

So, try walking in front of your dog. It makes you look like a pack leader. No matter if it’s indoor or outdoor, you must be the one to lead.

Otherwise, if you’re following your dog, probably he is commanding the walk. And you may lose grip over him. That’s why your cub should be behind or beside you throughout the dog walking.

3. Let your Pup Sniff Around

When returning to home after a walk, don’t stop leading.

Did you know, dog-walks are more stimulating than physical exercise?

Yes, they’re.

A dog walk is the only time when your cub can go out and explore the things. Allow them to sniff around by giving extra time.

You can decide which place is suitable for your dog to sniffle around. For a sniff break, you can loosen your dog’s leash for some minutes. And allow them to take in all the smells.

Those smells provide your dog with information and stimulation. A pleasant “sniffer” walk can be more stimulating for your dog than a brisk 20-minute walk with no sniff breaks.

4. Keep Them Engaged While Dog Walking

Being a dog walker, you must keep your pup engaged during a walk.

A perfect dog walk includes various elements.

While taking your dog out for a walk, try to vary the ground type and location regularly. 

Take your dog to the beach to explore rocks, sea, and sand.

 Take him to the forest to explore grass, soil, trees, sticks, and hills.

Also, take your dog out for short walks to promenade or village center to let him experience tarmac, gravel, and cobblestones.

The more variety you put in, the calmer your dog will be in all situations.

5. Bring Along his Favorite Treats to Keep Him Focused

Dog walking comes with a lot of distractions. So, try rewarding your dog with yummy treats for good behavior.

Bring along high value treats to avoid any “oh crap” situation.

These treats can also vary, sometimes you can bring store-bought treats. And the other times, you can use fruits, veggies, or chopped meat to get your dog’s attention.

6. Use Front Clip Harness

Does your pup continuously pull on the leash?

Use a front clip harness to be a friendly dog walker. Harnesses and dog collars that clip on the back usually allow more pulling.

Getting a front clip harness is the best investment you can make for a comfortable dog walk.

But remember, the right harness is not the only solution. You still have to spend time on your dog to train him to walk nicely.

7. Bring Enough Water for Your Dog

If you have planned a walk for more than 30 minutes, specifically in the summer season, bring along enough water for your dog.

Dogs have a tough time regulating their body temperature, and they get overheated more easily. And as they sweat through panting, they can be dehydrated in warm weather or during exercise.

You can purchase a bottle with a lid to make it easy for your dog to drink out of it. You can also keep a dog backpack during the dog walking.

We all walk our dogs daily for their overall well-being. I hope the above-given tips will make your dog motivated and eager for a walk.

Have a good time with your pup!

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