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The saying goes that a dog is a man’s best friend.

Even when the entire world turns their back on you, you can bet this little furry friend is with you until the very end.

What Food Is Healthy for Your Dog?

Your dog deserves the best and nothing else…

Whether you are a saint or the most heinous sinner, your dog will worship you regardless. Such a great companion who stays faithful and loyal to you deserves only the best.

Wouldn’t you say?

To keep your furry friend healthy and happy,  it is essential to give him the right food.

So let’s learn what is the best and healthy food for your dog.

Dry or Wet Dog Food – Which One is a Healthy Option?

When it comes to dog food, one of the most common debates is whether to give your dog dry food. Or feed him something more gooey and wet?

Well, both have their specific merits and demerits.

But let’s find out which one takes precedence over the other.

1.      Wet dog food – more natural and scrumptious

A lot of puppies may prefer wet food because of their palatable texture and smell.

Unopened wet food also has a longer shelf life than its dry counterparts.

But if left out after being opened, it can go bad pretty quickly.

However, wet food can create a huge mess that you have to clean up after every dog meal.

2.     Dry dog food – easy to clean up and keeps your canine full

Dry dog food is a lot easier to deal with as it does not create as much of a mess as wet food can.

It is the food of choice when you are traveling. Or have problems with storing leftover dog food in the refrigerator.

Moreover, dry food weighs a lot less on your pocket.

And is full of energy-giving nutrients that keep your pup full until his next meal.

Healthy Dog Food – the Best in the Market

These days, countless options are available when it comes to buying prepackaged dog food. from the supermarket.

Here are a few of the top brands that can be a delectable and nutritious treat for your pet dog.

  1. Ollie
  2. Merrick Grain Free
  3. Wellness Core Grain Free
  4. Fromm Gold


Is Giving Human Food to Your Dog a Good Idea?

Does your dog prefer to eat with you rather than eating from his bowl?

Well, it’s completely fine!

If your picky eater who doesn’t like to eat alone, you might catch yourself tossing scraps of food to him during dinner.

By doing this, you not only involve your best furry friend in your dinner. But also manage to save a considerable sum on pricey dog food.

While feeding your dog human food is entirely fine, you need to keep a check on the type of food to avoid any problems.

Wholesome, off the Table Choices for Your Canine

Off the table choices for your dog have the potential to save you a ton of money on processed dog food.

However, you have to be conscientious when picking your canine’s diet.

Here are some of the options that you could feed your cub from the table. These are as delicious as they are nutritious and healthy.

1.      Carrots

Carrots are an excellent food choice for your canine to snack on.

Besides the delicious crunch, they are packed with vitamin A, which keeps their skin and coat as problem-free as they come.

The hardness of the carrot is also useful for preventing carries and maintaining the oral hygiene of your dog.

2.     Apples

Apple is another yummy snack that is safe for your pup to eat.

They have lots of vitamin A and C which keep your pet’s immune system on it’s A-game.

The fiber in the apples also accounts for a healthy digestive system.

3.     Plain, cooked white rice

White rice is specifically helpful if your dog has been suffering from stomach problem.

It helps build up a stool and regulates your dog’s digestive system.

4.    Dairy products

Though they are great in small amounts, dairy products may give your dog digestive problems if overdone.

That is why it’s important to keep an eye on your pup’s dairy intake when you are letting him have dinner with you.

You know your furry friend better than anyone. And you must know what kind of food does he prefer, which is also healthy for him.

Consider the various food options described above. Make the right decision and let your dog have the best!


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