Pet Grooming in Florida

We live in beautiful Southwest Florida and we all know how hot it can get down here.  Proper pet grooming in Florida, especially during the summer but actually for every season, is incredibly important.  We knew a couple who lost their 3 year old Siberian Husky to heat exhaustion.  The dog actually had a heart attack and passed away in July this past year.  Now he may have had some other health issues but the fact that his hair hadn’t been cut in several moths probably had something to do with it as well.

Pet Grooming & Hot Weather

Please, if you live in warmer climates and your dog has more hair than most get him or her groomed on a regular basis.  There are so many pet groomers in our area that if you shop around we guarantee you will get a good price.  We have a woman who comes to our home and bathes, cuts, trims, and blow drys our dog for a VERY reasonable price.

We love our pets and we know that you love yours so when it comes to dog grooming please take the time to get your best friend a trim!

Now we realize that everyone can’t afford $75 per month on pet grooming so we have some amazing products below that will help you to keep your dog happy and healthy!

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Basics of Pet Grooming

The first thing you need to know about dog grooming is your dog needs to be somewhat entertained before he starts enjoying the whole process. If you’re in a bad mood it will certainly not be an enjoyable experience for either of you. If you want a clean and healthy dog then you should portray these feelings as well, so make it a fun time for your dog and it will be so much easier the next time you do it.

1. Nail Trimming Process

The nail trimming process is very important when it comes to dog grooming because it prevents arthritis, walking difficulties, and nail related injuries. Before trimming your dog’s nails, there are certain things that you need to consider. Firstly, the size of the dog. You can trim smaller dogs more often than larger dogs because small dogs take a lot more steps to walk the same distance. We recommend once a month for small dogs and every 6 weeks for larger dogs.

Another thing that you need to also take note of while trimming is the veins around their nails. Just a single cut in this veins can cause serious bleeding and unbearable pain for your best friend. That being said, you should always be very careful and trim them rather than cutting off larger portions. Be sure to find the proper nail clippers on our dog grooming page because it will make all the difference when clipping.

2. Brushing Process

This is another occasional pet grooming process that you can do all by yourself. You brush both the hair and teeth of your dog. In the case of hair brushing, you need to use a brush specifically designed for the coat of your dog. Dogs and cats have very different oils in their skin and hair so be sure to use only pet brushes and never human brushes. This will most certainly assist in the prevention of shedding of hair.

Teeth brushing needs to be done daily if possible but we know you probably don’t have the time to do so. You must begin with a toothpaste specifically designed for dogs and spread it across a medium soft brush, carefully swiping it around the teeth, tongue and the gums of your dog.

3. Washing Process

This grooming process is purposely meant to get rid of the body dirt on your dog and make them smell amazing. This process can be done once or twice a month depending on how your often your dog goes outside and spends time playing and sweating. We wash our dogs every week but most dogs don’t require this much attention. While washing your dog, make use of mild shampoos that are specifically designed for dogs like oatmeal and Hypoallergenic recipes. This will not only help get rid of dirt but also help keep them free from germs.

Finally, while washing your dog use lukewarm water and never over wash. The Ears, Eyes, and Paws are also parts of the dog’s body don’t neglect them while washing.

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